01/24/2012 05:37 pm ET Updated Mar 25, 2012

Tom Hayden, Animal Activist, Urges Jerry Brown To Think Of His Dog Sutter (VIDEO)

Former state senator and animal activist Tom Hayden has put forth a commendable effort to tug right at our dear governor's heart strings.

His secret weapon? Jerry Brown's beloved new welsh corgi Sutter, the First Dog of California.


At issue is a state law Hayden authored in 1998 that requires animal shelters to keep dogs and cats for a longer period of time before euthanizing them. The governor has proposed repealing said law as part of his new budget, which would save California an estimated $46 million per fiscal year.

But Hayden will have none of it. "Governor, I see you're a dog owner. I can tell from the publicity that you love that dog, your wife loves that dog," he said in a recently-released video urging Brown to reconsider his repeal plans. "I urge you to look at your dog before you allow this bill that protects animals to die."

Other animal lovers throughout the state have also jumped on the cause, evoking Jerry's pet as part of a Facebook campaign called "Sutter's Friends." "This page is created in honor of Sutter and all of his friends to organize opposition to Governor Brown's proposed repeal of certain provisions of the Hayden Law," its description reads.

For his part, Sutter has chalked up a considerable Internet following since his adoption early last year. The political pooch boasts a bevy of Twitter followers and Facebook fans, and he even has his own online store.

Take a look at Hayden's plea to Brown below: