01/25/2012 11:06 am ET Updated Jan 25, 2012

Bulldog Survives After Leash Caught In Elevator Doors (VIDEO)

A Chicago bulldog is lucky to be alive after a potentially catastrophic elevator accident earlier this month.

A video posted on YouTube shows a distracted man entering an elevator in his apartment building while holding his dog on a leash. The man enters the elevator, but the dog stays in the lobby.

The video footage shows the man panicking after realizing that he still had the leash in his hands as the elevator goes up. Surveillance footage from the lobby shows the dog being dragged up the elevator's outside door and somehow landing on his feet.

(WATCH the shocking video above. )

The owner reportedly told the UK Sun that he was expecting the worst when he headed back down to check on the dog.

"I actually almost didn't want to open the door and see what had happened on the lobby side," he reportedly said. "I wish I would have let go of the leash, but it all happened so fast that it pulled me in and it was impossible to take my hand out of the strap."

The man suffered a broken wrist in the incident, but the dog was unharmed.