01/25/2012 09:42 am ET

Chuck Giampa Cusses On Air: Former Boxing Judge Flubs In Television Debut On Showtime (VIDEO)

"Beginner's Luck: isn't exactly how one would describe the announcing debut of former boxing judge Chuck Giampa. Making his first television appearance on Showtime last Friday, Giampa appeared completely unprepared to be on camera. Things started off well enough, with Giampa thanking his colleagues for tossing the coverage his way. He then told viewers that "Tonight, I will be taking you inside the mind of a judge."

It was at this point Giampa did indeed take us inside his mind, which apparently had gone blank. Giampa stared at the camera looking for guidance before repeating his first sentence and then giving up on the profession all together, looking to his side defeated and muttering, "Shit."

It's not the worst thing we've ever heard said on air by a long shot, but we're guessing Giampa anticipated that his first 15 seconds of airtime would go slightly differently.


H/T to Awful Announcing