01/25/2012 02:48 pm ET

Flash Mob Proposal Trend Getting Stale? (VIDEO)

Last year was definitely the year of the flash mob proposal. From UCLA to Union Square in New York City to an overground train in London -- partners proposed to their loved ones using flash mobs big and small the world over.

In 2010, Urlesque called a Washington Square proposal, "one of the cutest uses of a flash mob we've ever seen." And many of us have ooh'ed, aww'ed and sniffled back a few tears of joy at our desks while watching these over these over-the-top public displays of love.

But after what seems like an unending flow of flash mob proposals, we have to wonder: is this trend getting stale? We think so. When hundreds of lovers have proposed via flash mob, the approach just doesn't seem that creative anymore.

What do you think--are flash mob proposals over? Or is it still meaningful when a boyfriend (or girlfriend) pours countless hours into co-ordinating a large-scale flash mob proposal, even though the concept isn't exactly fresh?

Check out some of the flash mob proposals of 2011 below, and give us your feedback in the comments.

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