01/25/2012 02:43 am ET

Herman Cain Praises Stephen Colbert In Tea Party State Of The Union Response (VIDEO)

In delivering the Tea Party response to President Barack Obama's State of the Union speech on Tuesday night, Herman Cain showered praise upon comedian Stephen Colbert.

"I think Stephen Colbert's endorsement of me is a marvelous thing," explained the former Republican presidential contender. "And here's why: One of the things that I and my organization has as an objective is to keep the youth vote inspired, keep the college vote inspired."

Cain continued, "They're not gonna watch the shows that some of us more mature people watch to find out what's going on in the race. We have to go where they are. They're watching the Stephen Colberts. They're watching the Jon Stewarts."

Ahead of South Carolina's primary election, Colbert launched a satirical bid for the White House. Because his name could not appear on the state's ballot; however, the Comedy Central star encouraged voters to vote for Cain instead.

"I accepted his endorsement, but like I told the people at the College of Charleston, I'm not on the ballot, so don't waste it," Cain said on Tuesday night. "I thought it was very clever of Stephen Colbert to come up with the idea that he couldn't get on the ballot, I couldn't get off. So he said, I will endorse my man Herman Cain."

The pair held a rally together in the Palmetto State ahead of the primary contest. Colbert ended his quest for the presidency earlier this week.