01/26/2012 08:58 am ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

House Tour: Sabrina Moyle's San Francisco Home (VIDEO)

Crafty yet still surprisingly modern, the San Francisco townhouse that letterpress company Hello!Lucky co-founder Sabrina Moyle shares with her husband, Julian, is a cozy haven that features an eclectic mix of contemporary furnishings and unexpected art pieces.

Located in a traditional 1906 Victorian townhouse that has been renovated with an open floor plan, Sabrina and Julian's home reflects their modern sense of style as well as their love of vintage pieces. This is most apparent in the living room, which mixes such furnishings as cross-base ottomans upholstered in a chain link pattern, a woven leather Italian chair and an Asian-inspired etagere with key patterns running down the sides. It definitely takes a bit of bravery to combine different styles of furnishings in a room but mixing and matching modern and vintage pieces can often yield amazing results and this is specifically what we admire about Sabrina and Julian's living room.

Additionally, the living room also reveals Sabrina's fondness for unusual objects and flea market finds, from the foo dog sculpture to a knitted coral. This continues the eclectic theme in the room and, as is often true, the little details do matter, so sprinkling a room with interesting finds is an easy way to add to a living space. And our favorite part of the room? The nook with the bay windows that look out on to the street. We're dreaming here, but it's the ideal breakfast area where we would love to take our morning coffee.

Moving on up, one of our favorite rooms in the townhouse is the pale blue guest bathroom. Since it primarily goes unused, Sabrina turned it into a showcase for all the artworks that she's collected throughout the years, including a good number of bird prints. (Sabrina inherited her ornithologist grandmother's love of birds.) You can borrow this idea by turning any spare space in your home into a showcase for your own personal mementos.

For the master bedroom, Sabrina opened up the attic in the house, which now gives the couple views of the San Francisco skyline from their bed. Along with that, they created a separate guest bedroom -- which also serves as the den/TV room/media room -- that is outfitted with a deep sofa, an alternative to a traditional bed. We love this grown-up substitution -- it's not a futon -- which adds to the room's overall coziness.

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