01/25/2012 05:06 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2012

'Justified': Art Gets Creative And Ruthless To Convince A Perp To Talk (VIDEO)

When a witness protection officer is found dead, the team jumps into action to try and protect the relocated witness he was protecting on "Justified" (Tue., 10 p.m. EST on FX). Art must have drawn the short straw on that one. When he showed up at the home of the witness he was tasked to cover, viewers immediately recognized him as the same man who gunned down the protection officer.

What followed was a showcase of Art's abilities, as he slowly pieced together the clues to figure out that he wasn't dealing with another frightened witness, but rather a murderer who'd sold out one of his fellow witnesses for a fat payday and a chance to get back in the game with his own betrayal forgiven. All he needed to do was get a confession.

After gaining the upper hand, he tried the old-fashioned beating approach, but this guy wasn't budging. But the beating established how far he was willing to go, so he just upped the ante by setting up a scenario under which he could easily kill the guy and get away with it. After all, who would miss a person like that.

Meanwhile, Boyd managed to get close to Dickie in prison, but what he found out wasn't what he wanted. In order to get to Mags' money, he's going to have to go through Limehouse, and that doesn't look like an easy man to go through.

Catch "Justified" (Tue., 10 p.m. EST on FX) every Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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