01/25/2012 05:49 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan And Omarosa Dating: Actor Discusses Relationship On 'The Talk' (VIDEO)

Michael Clarke Duncan and Omarosa are dating. That's right: the gargantuan actor and infamous reality show villain are very much in love. Duncan stopped by "The Talk" (weekdays on CBS) on Wednesday to promote his new Fox show "The Finder," but his relationship with Omarosa quickly took center stage.

Before Duncan came on, the ladies had been discussing couples who have loud sex. When Duncan sat down, he immediately confessed to being pretty noisy himself. "I'm the loud one. I admit it, I'm a talker. 'You dirty so and so!'" he demonstrated, throwing in a few spanks for good measure. But then he thought better of what he'd said. "I know Omarosa's gonna kill me now. Sorry 'bout that, baby."

Duncan went on to regale the panel with more fun stories about his life with Omarosa. He told the ladies that she usually hangs out on "The Finder" set while they're shooting, but the open invitation has its limits. Duncan prefers to not have Omarosa watch him work when he has "kissing scenes" to shoot. "So I just say, 'Hey baby, this week I need to concentrate ... I just need to focus. But she wasn't happy about that, so she didn't cook for like a week," he joked. One person who was probably happy about her absence? The actress Duncan had to kiss in the scene.

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