01/25/2012 06:31 pm ET

Novak Djokovic Jokes With Reporter After Silly Question At Australian Open (VIDEO)

It's no secret that the media is watching every step that star athletes take. But every breath?

Following his quarterfinal victory over David Ferrer, Novak Djokovic, the world top ranked men's tennis player, took questions on the court from a reporter.

The exchange seemed completely by the numbers, until the reporter claimed to have observed Djokovic breathing a lot through is nose during the match and asked if it was perhaps a technique used to slow his heart rate down.

Djokovic responded by smirking before saying, "As far as I know, humans are supposed to breathe in through their nose," which the crowd met with applause. "It's physically tiring, you know," he continued. "They tell me the proper technique for breathing is through the nose and if I'm having 35-shot rallies how can I breathe through the nose? I have a small nose -- I can't even get in air."

The interaction was right in line with Djokovic, who has proven to be a world class jokester (at least by the standards of athletes) in addition to tennis player.

Whether he's dancing on the court, playing pranks on reporters, or yes, even dressing up in drag, Djokovic always seems to be smiling and making others laugh in the process.

He will now face Andy Murray in the semi-finals of the Australian Open on Friday. There's no word on whether Djokovic plans on changing the fundamental way he inhales oxygen for the match.