01/25/2012 12:24 pm ET

NYPD Officer Owen Hopper Accused Of Flashing Prisoner Uses Circumcision For Evidence

A former NYPD officer accused of flashing a female prisoner in 2010 is pointing to details below the belt in order to prove his innocence and maybe even get his job back.

31-year old Owen Hopper, who was fired in 2010 after the rather vulgar accusation, is suing the department for the discrepancies in the descriptions of the alleged penis.

The episode of bizarre hearsay involves the unidentified female prisoner who reportedly stated that "she unequivocally and clearly saw petitioner's penis and that it was uncircumcised."

Hopper says he is in fact circumcised and submitted damning medical evidence to prove it. But the lawsuit claims that the hearing officer Robert Vinal who handled the case ignored proof of his surgical procedure and "unjustly concluded that an erect circumcised penis and erect uncircumcised penis will appear the same and could have had the complainant confused."

He goes on to say that it's "far-fetched" that no security cameras or individuals witnessed the alleged incident.

It remains to be seen if Hopper's circumstantial details are enough to exonerate him.