01/25/2012 04:49 pm ET

Percy Love Kicked Kitten Into Air, Signaled 'Field Goal': Police

CHICAGO -- Police say a South Side man was laughing as they arrested him on animal cruelty charges after witnessing him kick a kitten between 15 and 18 feet into the air, then signal a "field goal" with his arms.

Percy Love, 22, told officers that his cat, Nightmare, who is less than a year old, "is tough, we play like that all the time," according to the Chicago Sun-Times, later adding: "It's just a cat." Officers witnessed the incident at 4:20 p.m. on South Campbell Avenue and immediately took Love into custody.

Officers attended to the kitten at the scene before he was taken to the city's Animal Care and Control agency, where he's being treated for injuries, none of which are life-threatening, the Chicago Tribune reports. Spokeswoman Cherie Travis told the Tribune that the cat is very friendly, and will hopefully be up for adoption soon.

A hearing on Love's animal cruelty charges is scheduled for Feb. 27 in South Misdemeanor Court.