01/25/2012 05:21 pm ET

Seal, Heidi Klum Split: Singer Says A Reconciliation 'May Happen'

"My love for her has not waned one iota." So opens up Seal on "Piers Morgan Tonight," talking about -- you guessed it -- his wife-of-seven-years Heidi Klum and their recent separation. With Seal making the rounds on the talk shows in order to promote his new album, "Soul 2," the singer certainly hasn't shied away from the topic of the couple's unraveling marriage. To the contrary: Seal was a factory of gushy emotion to Morgan, who looked as devastated about the breakup as the rest of us. Some highlights below.

Again, on wearing his wedding ring:

There was some malicious thing, "Oh, he's wearing his wedding ring, and he's doing it for show" or whatever. I'm still wearing my wedding ring because I'm still married to this incredible woman.

On whether he and Heidi could reconcile.

You can never say never. I can't speak for my wife, and I'm not going to sit here and BS you and tell you we haven't had problems. Of course we've had problems, otherwise why are we splitting up. This is not a charade. We have problems, we have issues. But in our favor, or to our credit, we have always been able to talk about them, to confront each other… It may happen. I can't speak for her.

And if he wants to win her back:

I don't know. I don't know at this moment to be honest, Piers. Again, if it were that easy, if there weren't problems, we would still be together.

Klum has remained mum about the situation save for when she announced their official separation on January 23rd.

Check out photos of the couple from happier times below:

Heidi Klum & Seal