01/25/2012 10:50 pm ET

Shit Pat Kiernan Says (VIDEO)

New York's favorite Canadian newsanchor hero has jumped into the Sh*t ___ Says meme.

In the video below, NY1 super celebrity Pat Kiernan -- television king of aggregation (we find all our stories watching Pat Kiernan read us the papers on TV, after all) -- portrays himself as a Seinfeld-esque news diva, going after chronic elevator button pushers ("you know it's not going to come any faster, right?"); people who enter the subway before others exit ("Let em off! Let em off!") even going after other NY1 celebs: "And when Jamie Shupek has been here for 15 years we can talk about that. Until then, it's my show!"

Watching Kiernan calculate just how money he needs to refill his MetroCard to get an actual fare tells us this could be its very own Shit New Yorkers Say. After all, Kiernan seems to be such an historian that he's running his own trivia night now.

Simply put: if you don't know or love Pat Kiernan, you aren't a New Yorker.