01/25/2012 04:24 pm ET Updated Mar 26, 2012

Stacy London's New TV Show Will Focus On Plus Size Fashion

Stacy London of our long-running favorite TLC show "What Not to Wear" has a new venture: she's producing a new TLC show focused on helping plus-size women find knockout fashion.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, London will be working with Lisa and Jim Dolan, who own the plus-size-focused Brooklyn boutique Lee Lee's Valise and will do most of the styling for the show's participants.

Just like "What Not to Wear," the show (and Stacy, in a few cameos) will give women advice on how to reconfigure their wardrobes and beauty choices to look their best, but on her new show, Stacy will give three customers advice per episode, instead of just one.

Despite the hilarious things Stacy revealed from her own closet in her video for us (including a cat sweater and a pair of bunny ears!), we totally trust her sharp style eye to give clients a perfect makeover.

The network just ordered the series, so it might be awhile before we actually get to see Stacy's show on the small screen, but we're already hoping Stacy gets our new favorite girl Whitney Thompson involved for an episode or two.

Read more about what the show will entail at Hollywood Reporter.