01/25/2012 05:21 am ET

State Of The Union 2012: A Brief, Humorous, Completely Unfair Mashup Of Obama's Speech (VIDEO)

Did you miss President Obama's State Of The Union speech on Tuesday night? Were you watching repeat episodes of "The Real Housewives Of Atlanta" on Bravo instead? Don't worry: we've condensed his 65-minute ramble into just two minutes.

During last night's speech, Obama took the opportunity to freely engage in some not-so-subtle boasting of his accomplishments since he's occupied the Oval Office. In particular, he wasn't shy about mentioning the end of the Iraq war within the first 60 seconds of his address. Self-promotion aside, Obama made some significant remarks, including his announcement of a "trade enforcement unit," which he said would examine unfair trading practices in countries like China.

But honestly, if you have a sincere interest in discussing the fine points of Obama's State Of The Union, you should probably go elsewhere (I recommend starting here). Because, you see, the video above is by no means a legitimate recap of last night's speech. It's been heavily edited in a way that hopefully makes up for its blatant unfairness with brevity and humor. Please, enjoy.