01/25/2012 02:47 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2012

UnderCity's Steve Duncan Explores Bushwick's Knickerbocker Sewer Extension (VIDEO)

As jaded New Yorkers, we're more likely to put on a been there/done that attitude rather than risk looking like a newbie. Grand Central's secret whispering walls? The plummeting shock value of No Pants Subway rides? Yawn.

But we always enjoy some good urban spelunking. There's a new video from from the fascinating UnderCity series where the filmmaker duo Steve Duncan and Andrew Wonder are back providing a rare glimpse underneath Bushwick's Knickerbocker sewer extension (Gothamist provides some nice historical context and maps to guide you).

We last featured UnderCity on their daring journeys throughout City Hall's secret station and uncovering the "mole-men" residing in the Atlantic terminal. UnderCity will continue to post videos in collaboration with MyBlockNYC.

Watch below for the tour as they throw caution to the wind and rove through the eerie tunnels -- all sans permission or consent from the city.