01/25/2012 12:28 pm ET Updated Jan 25, 2012

Wendy Williams Scolds Chelsea Handler For Trashing Joan Rivers (VIDEO)

Wendy Williams discussed the recent feud that erupted between Joan Rivers and Chelsea Handler on her show Wednesday.

Williams took viewers through the comments Handler made about Rivers on Howard Stern's radio show on Monday. Handler said, "Joan Rivers? What the f**k do I care about Joan Rivers?"

Rivers appeared on Stern's radio show on Tuesday and fired back at Handler. She called her a "drunk" and a "whore." She added that she didn't think Handler was particularly funny, and said that has a television show as a result of sleeping with someone "high up" in the industry. Rivers was likely referring to Handler's 2006-2010 relationship with the president of Comcast, which owns E!.

Williams appeared to be on Team Rivers when she discussed the feud on her show. "That's like me talking about Oprah, going in and talking about a woman who paved the way," Williams said of Handler's comments. Williams jokingly warned, "The next time you go to a red carpet Chelsea, Joan is going to kill you till you're dead."

Watch the video below and view a slideshow of Williams' more animated moments below: