01/26/2012 10:19 am ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Beauty Products Inspired By Hello Kitty, Wonder Woman, Miss Piggy and More Are On The Rise (POLL)

Cosmetics inspired by cartoon characters are (surprisingly) on the rise.

Andrea Arterbery, of the blog Glamazons, writes about the growing trend amongst grown women for the New York Times' Style section this week.

MAC, Too Faced, OPI and Maybelline are among the growing list of companies that have found huge success in selling collections dedicated to cartoon characters.

There is definitely a case for the power of packaging. Who doesn't love a beautiful sleek tube of lipstick or

Heck, some companies even cover their products with a million dollars worth of diamond and gold. But why are so many women attracted to these fictional figures?

One beauty product buyer told the NYT:

"Packaging plays a huge role in me making a purchase. I not only want the actual product to look beautiful once it's applied, I want the case to be beautiful as well. Bold bright colors with different patterns get me every time."

But, it's hard for us to imagine women over the age of 13 pulling out a Smurfette compact, right?

Perhaps putting on a Wonder Woman lip gloss will inspire the super hero confidence needed to take on a tasking day, or a coat of Miss Piggy nail polish will add just enough sass to complete the report that's due.

Whatever the motive, Arterbery finds that plenty of women are buying up these whimsical products. Are you one of them?