01/26/2012 04:57 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Blugirl Spring 2012 Ads Feature Armpit Flashing (PHOTOS)

So far this season there have been approximately ten gazillion ad campaigns, each setting the runway collections in a different landscape (gas stations, stormy beaches and the backseat of a car have all made appearances) on the backs of this year's hottest models (Gisele, Daphne Groeneveld, Lindsey Wixson, etc.).

Most have managed to make something original out of the ad experience -- use cool props, unexpected lighting, interesting poses, the like. But some are dumbfounding in their unoriginality. Case in point: Blugirl's latest spots, which feature the ever-popular armpit pose.

We noted the rampant pit-flashing a while back, when it seemed like every other covergirl and campaign star was airing herself out or trying to keep her head from falling off her neck. The trend, unfortunately, has not abated. Armpits, like skinny jeans or ankle booties, are not going anywhere.

Unfortunately Blugirl decided that the concept for their Spring 2012 campaign would be Pits In The Garden. At least, that's what we imagine the shoot is called... we can't focus on anything else in these photos.

Check out the shoot below.

Blugirl Ads