01/26/2012 03:03 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Kate Young: Macy's Editor-At-Large, Discusses New Collaboration, Michelle Williams And Tom Ford (PHOTOS)

Wednesday night, Macy's hosted a celebration for their new editor-at-large, stylist Kate Young, at The Standard hotel's infamous rooftop hotspot: Le Bain. While the party was going on upstairs, we stopped by Young's suite downstairs to ask her about her new gig. What exactly does it mean to be the editor-at-large of a department store?

"I don't know what I'm supposed to say," Young laughed, "I styled the pictures, but I had nothing to do with the clothes." The campaign images have her signature casual yet edgy aesthetic, "I always try to do what I like, or some version of what I like, and imagine if I were this person what would I wear." While Young's favorite piece is a Chanel cocktail dress from 2001 ("It was the first Chanel thing that I ever bought, I have it in two colors and have worn it, like, hundreds of times") her own wardrobe is more simple, including striped tees, skinny jeans, sky-high heels, leather leggings and fur. Another one of Young's staples is a bold red lip. At the event, she was rocking Tom Ford in "Cherry Lush".

Young is a huge fan of Ford. She was also wearing a deep red nail polish by the American designer, "this is 'Bordeaux Lust.'" she exclaimed, showing me her nails. "The funniest thing happened! So Michelle Williams' manicurist uses Tom Ford's nail polish and I needed to pick the color for her nails for the Oscars. I emailed Tom Ford's pr and asked for them to send me a color wheel... I thought I would get samples, but look what they sent!" Young animatedly pulled out a case of every Tom Ford nail polish. "Have you ever seen anything more beautiful? This is beyond."

As for the dress Williams will wear to match her Tom Ford nail polish, "There will be no nude or mermaid dresses, that's what i have to tell you," Young insists. Although both emerged as trends at the Golden Globes, neither demure style would suit Michelle Williams, or Kate Young. "In real life, Michelle has incredibly good style, she has great taste in art, furniture and clothes, so I hope to be able to convey that when she is dressed up at an award show, I hope that you can sense her cool style and that she's quirky, smart and young. That's the goal."

Young hints that her favorite red carpet designers include Riccardo Tisci for Givenchy, Chanel Couture, Christian Dior and Jason Wu, who Williams wore to the Golden Globes, ("I think he's the most exciting American designer"), but she wouldn't reveal her final choice. "It would be amazing if somebody actually owned something and wore it. It's all borrowed. I mean if somebody actually bought a couture dress and wore it three times I'd think that was the best thing I'd ever heard. I mean everybody drives a Prius, why not be green and wear the same dress over again?"

Take a peek in our slideshow below to see the event's guests, including Chrissy Teigen, Lydia Hearst and more, as well as the pieces Young styled for Macy's INC: