01/26/2012 05:54 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Kenneth Clements, Former Florida Student, Sues School Paper For Using His Photo In STD Story

Kenneth Clements, a former student at Ronald Reagan High School in Miami, Fl., claims the school paper, the Reagan Advocate, used his photo without his consent in a story about STDs, the Courthouse News Service reports.

According to the report, Clements accuses the school paper of making him "the poster child for a teen with sexually transmitted disease" when it ran the story "Teens Stay Quiet About STD's" with a photo of him with an "X" over his mouth.

Since then, Clements has filed a suit against the school district, saying that since the article students teased him, calling him "STD Boy," a blog by the Miami Herald reports.

The suit claims that the "X" placed over Clements' mouth implies he was hiding a sexually transmitted disease, and that he suffered "injury to his reputation" because of it.

The paper contacted Miami-Dade Public Schools spokesperson John Schuster, who declined to comment due to the potential litigation.

Clement's lawyer, Harry Shevin, told the paper he didn't know why the boy's photo was chosen for the story, but that he "doesn't rule out" bullying.

On the school's website, they list the Reagan Advocate's mission statement:

The Reagan/Advocate staff pledges to:

Publish articles that will not disparage any individual and will not interfere with rights of privacy. We publish this newspaper for the student body, faculty, and community members. No articles will convey bias or be based on personal motives. All articles will have well supported and developed arguments. We will not take credit for the work and publication of others. We agree to support school spirit by attending and reporting on school events. All material included in The Reagan Advocate is intended to inform, entertain and communicate to the public.