01/26/2012 08:10 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

President Obama Orders 'Homeland' DVDs From Showtime

President Obama told People Magazine in December that Showtime's CIA-thriller "Homeland" was one of his favorite shows. Now, it's become clear that he's more than just a casual fan. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Obama, who touted his successes as a foreign policy president in Wednesday night's State of the Union Address, "requested and received" four sets of "Homeland" Season 1 DVDs from Showtime.

The President is a fan of quality TV: His other TV favorites include HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" and ABC sitcom "Modern Family." His favorite show of all-time is David Simon's critically-acclaimed drama "The Wire," which told the story of poverty and the drug trade in Baltimore. In June, Obama's Attorney General Eric Holder demanded that the show return for a sixth season. Simon said he would oblige the administration's request just as soon as they called off the War on Drugs.

Not only does Obama have an eye for good TV, but he's also not been afraid to call out mindless reality shows. The First Lady revealed in October that the President doesn't like his daughters watching "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" on Sunday nights. Michelle Obama, who appeared on an episode of the Nick show "iCarly" in early January, told that, "Barack really thinks some of the Kardashian -- when they watch that stuff -- he doesn't like that as much. But I sort of feel like if we're talking about it, and I'm more concerned with how they take it in -- what did you learn when you watched that. And if they're learning the right lessons, like, that was crazy, then I'm like, okay."