01/26/2012 06:15 pm ET Updated Mar 27, 2012

Rio Buildings Collapse: Video Footage Captures Moment Of Collapse (VIDEO)

Footage recorded by a security camera has captured the devastating collapse of three buildings that has left at least 6 people dead in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The dramatic video shows people running from a large wave of dust and ash clouds enveloping the streets.

Three buildings crumbled in downtown Rio on Wednesday night. Authorities could not confirm the cause of the tragedy, but they suspect illegal construction work damaged the structure of the largest building. During its collapse, the 20-story structure brought down two smaller buildings nearby.

6 bodies had been pulled out of the rubble on Thursday night and 16 people remained missing. However, a spokesman for the fire department said rescue workers have not given up hope. "We have hopes of finding people alive," fire department spokesperson Moises Torres told the Associated Press.

Watch the horrifying scene in the video above.



Rio De Janeiro Building Collapses