01/26/2012 10:24 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Wilco's 'Dawned On Me' Features Popeye, Olivie Oyl And Bluto (VIDEO)

We're not sure why, but Wilco is not shaking this whole Popeye thing. On Monday, the Chicago band appeared in the weekly comic edition of "Popeye" (apparently there are still weekly comic editions of "Popeye"!), and today they've unveiled a music video doubling as a "Popeye" episode. In the video, cartoon Jeff Tweedy competes with Popeye for the hand of Olive Oyl by strumming "Dawned On Me," a mellow track off the not exactly mellow Whole Love album. There's also an interactive Popeye/Wilco Web site to check out (with your children??) that advertises the video and a soon-to-come Wilco brand spinach? The only connection given on the site between the two "American icons," is Illinois (Popeye's creator Elzie Segar was born in Chester, Il). But the site does credit branding guru Darren Romanelli very clearly, as both the director of "Dawned On Me" and the mastermind behind the partnership.

We're going to assume there's some high quality scheming at work here that our poor consumer brains cannot understand in the early stages of said scheming. No doubt we'll be at the front of the line soon enough, demanding Wilco brand spinach and humming "Dawned On Me" unconsciously. Also telling everyone who'll listen that the video for it is the "first hand-drawn, frame-by-frame drawing for Popeye cell animation" since 1987. Thanks interactive Popeye/Wilco Web site! It's already working...


[via Pitchfork]