01/27/2012 04:40 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Anderson Cooper Freaks Out When 'Mystery Guest' Henry Winkler Is Revealed (VIDEO)

Anderson Cooper was visibly shocked on his daytime television show "Anderson" on Friday. In fact, he was so surprised that he knocked over the coffee table.

Cooper explained that his production staff started doing a new "mystery guest" segment on the show. As the segment title indicates, Cooper had absolutely no idea who was going to walk onto his show next.

The mystery guest walked on stage but stood behind a screen, concealed from Cooper. He spoke through a device that altered his voice and gave Cooper a number of clues. Cooper learned that the mystery guest was the godfather to the daughter of an Academy Award-Winning director, a native New Yorker, and was a co-executive producer of the television series, MacGyver. It wasn't until the mystery guest said that an article of his clothing was in the Smithsonian Institute that Cooper realized who stood behind the screen.

"OH MY GOD. Holy — is it Fonzie?!" Cooper yelled. He was so excited that he rushed toward Winkler and knocked over the coffee table on set. Click here for an epic photo replay of Cooper's reaction.

Watch the clip of a stumped then shocked Cooper and a slideshow of his more animated moments below: