01/28/2012 09:59 am ET

Aurora Borealis Caused By Huge Solar Storm Shimmers Over Norway (VIDEO)

The solar storm that's now bombarding the Earth is being called the biggest since 2003, and we've got some astounding video to prove it.

This footage is from from Birtavarre, Norway - inside the Arctic circle. It shows the effects of solar activity on the local aurora borealis. The shots are sped up so that the aurora's shimmering, watery ripples show up in great detail.

See more pictures and footage from the storm here and here.

An aurora is caused by the release of photons by particles in the upper atmosphere. When the solar wind hits ions in the atmosphere, it intensifies the effect, giving us spectacular displays like the one above.

Aurora borealis can typically only be seen at high northern latitudes. But during periods of high solar activity - such as this week - it can extend lower. This storm has created aurora as far south as Ireland. As you can tell in the video, Northern Norway has some of the best views in the world.