01/27/2012 11:39 am ET

'Beauty And The Beast' TV Show: Who Should Be Cast? (PHOTOS)

"Beauty And The Beast" is definitely making a comeback and it's headed for your TV set.

Recently, The CW ordered a pilot based on the early '80s CBS series "Beauty and the Beast," which starred Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it will be a modern retelling of the classic love story with procedural twist.

And riding the success of its fairy tale-centric series, "Once Upon A Time," ABC announced this week that it has ordered a pilot based off the traditional tale of "Beauty and the Beast." Entertainment Weekly reported that the project is described as “a fantastical re-imagining of the classic fairy tale set in a mythical, dangerous world wherein a beautiful and tough Princess discovers an unlikely connection with a mysterious beast.”

So who wouldn't be looking to get their paws on one of these pilots? From the title characters to the flamboyant candlestick who wants us to be his guest to a piece anthropomorphic chipped porcelain, we cast the stars that we think would do these Disney favorites justice.

Click on the slideshow below to see who we chose!

'Beauty And The Beast' TV Show Casting