01/27/2012 06:50 pm ET Updated Mar 28, 2012

Celebrity Restaurants: Eat, Drink And Make Money

Like the rest of us, celebrities love to indulge in great food and drink whenever they can, but for some, being able to get a table wherever and whenever they want isn't enough. Take actor and producer Robert De Niro, who after patronizing sushi chef Nobuyuki Matsuhisa's Los Angeles restaurant, urged the chef to take his concept to the East Coast. A partnership was born, and now the duo's Nobu empire has locations around the world, while the original Tribeca location alone boasts more than $8 million in annual revenue and remains one of New York's most coveted reservations.

De Niro is far from the only celebrity to venture into the food and beverage industry. Rapper/actor Ludacris announced via Twitter in early January that he's opening a restaurant in the Atlanta airport, aptly named Chicken & Beer after one of his most successful albums. Still, many A-listers have tried, albeit unsuccessfully, to tap their foodie side. Pop star Britney Spears' NYLA concept lasted less than a year, along with concepts by Terry "Hulk" Hogan and Jennifer Lopez, whose Madre restaurant closed its doors after six years. But others have managed to turn their passion for food into profitable enterprises.

Here's our look at some of the top celebrity-owned restaurants.

Restaurants Owned By Celebs