01/27/2012 10:04 am ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Chelsea Handler In Back Brace After Night Of Partying

Chelsea Handler visited "Live! With Kelly" Friday morning to assure us all that it is, indeed, possible to have too much fun. After bringing up a Page Six story describing Handler's Belvedere-fueled night at New York's Provocateur last Friday, the "Are You There, Chelsea" actress and creator told Ripa that the night of dancing and drinking has since landed her in a back brace -- an accessory that Kelly assumed was a bullet proof vest after the pair hugged.

"Not to be funny, but I'm actually wearing a back brace because of something that happened that night," Handler explained. "I do this glide where I'm really happy and I sit while I dance because I have to hold onto something that's stable."

But a back brace isn't the only thing that's giving Handler a lasting memory of her night out -- she also admits that she was prescribed steroids after her night of partying.

According to the New York Post, the late night talk show host attended the Provocateur party, ordering bottle service at a private booth with two of her girlfriends. The threesome reportedly danced well into the morning. But while most of us simply wake up with a hangover, Handler's partying skills forced her into a completely different bracket -- pain kilers and a back brace.

"Are you there doctor? It's me, Chelsea."