01/27/2012 04:19 pm ET

Doc Rivers Admits He's Not An Actual Doctor During Celtics Win Over Magic (VIDEO)

If you know a good malpractice lawyer then you might want to get him on the phone. On Thursday night, during the Celtics' stunning come-from-behind win over the Magic, Doc Rivers made an unexpected admission.

Late in the third quarter, with Orlando still holding a 70-54 lead, Jameer Nelson took a spill on a drive into the lane. With trainers out checking on him during a stoppage in play, Rivers veered away from his bench to check in. After inquiring about the severity of Nelson's injury, Rivers perhaps felt compelled to explain why he wasn't helping administer any necessary medical treatment.

'I'm not a real doctor. I'm just Doc Rivers."

So it ain't so, Glenn? Apparently, Glenn "Doc" Rivers didn't earn his moniker by attending medical school. Instead, he merely showed up at a hoops camp run by former Marquette coach Rick Majerus wearing a Dr. J t-shirt.

What will we learn next? That Ozzie Smith didn't attend Hogwarts or that Gary Payton only wore mittens?