01/27/2012 05:34 pm ET

Elections 2012: House Dems Tout Cash, Poll Momentum Over GOP

WASHINGTON -- Democrats charged with fighting the battle for control of the House this election year were crowing Friday that the fundraising and poll momentum is all on their side.

That's after the National Republican Congressional Committee reported raising $2.7 million in December and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee trumped its rival by reporting a $5.3 million haul for the month.

For the full year, the Democrats outraised their House counterparts by almost $7 million -- $61.4 million to $54.5 million -- a rare feat for the party in the minority.

"Despite being in the minority, we have consistently outraised House Republicans because our supporters believe we have a path to the Majority and that the middle class deserves better than this Republican Congress of Chronic Chaos," said DCCC chairman Steve Israel (D-N.Y.) in a statement. "Going into 2011, our goal was to match the Republican Majority in fundraising but so far our grassroots supporters have driven us to exceed all expectations."

Republicans still have more money in the bank, however, with $15.24 million to the Democrats' $11.6 million.

One problem the House Republicans have been facing is that GOP presidential candidates and super PACs are pulling in so much money. But perhaps another factor is the Democrats' improving position in the polls.

According to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC survey, 31 percent of the country thinks the Republican House has brought the "wrong kind of change," while 54 percent think it has brought no change.

In the same poll, 47 percent of Americans now say they'd prefer a Democrat-controlled House after the 2012 elections, versus 41 percent who would favor a GOP House. That's a reversal of the numbers from August.