01/27/2012 01:32 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Almost Missed 'View' Job Because Of Reality TV Past (VIDEO)

"View" executive producers Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie revealed some surprising information regarding co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck on Friday.

The ladies of "The View" interviewed their respective mentors. For Elisabeth Hasselbeck, this was none other than Walters and Geddie. Hasselbeck recalled the story of how she came to fill the seat next to Walters. Hasselbeck said she had recently come off the reality show, "Survivor," and had a hosting gig on the Style network.

She was living in Los Angeles when she aggressively attempted to get a phone call with Geddie about the opening position. Geddie revealed that he did not want to take Hasselbeck's call because he had trouble getting over that Hasselbeck's previous TV stint was on reality television.

"We knew you could eat worms but," Walters said of Hasselbeck's time on the reality show. "How often would that come into play here?" Geddie joked.

Hasselbeck said that the greatest piece of advice Geddie ever gave her was to avoid looking for affirmation from the audience.

Speaking of Hasselbeck's early days on the show, Geddie said, "Star Jones would pound the table and say something and people would jump to their feet and applaud. Elisabeth would give the other side and you could hear a pin drop. And I said 'don't worry, half the country at least is cheering you somewhere else.'"

Hasselbeck joked that she was "hasn't found them yet."



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