01/27/2012 12:30 pm ET Updated Oct 11, 2012

Jason Wu For Target Press Preview: I Survived (PHOTOS)

When you work for a style website, shopping press events are a dime a dozen. In the last few months alone, there was Missoni for Target, Versace for H&M and Thursday night at Skylight Soho in New York Jason Wu for Target. Although never one to turn up my nose at a good deal, I typically avoid the shopping portion of these events because of utter mayhem. Like at sample sales, I find myself grabbing every small size in sight only to come home with major buyer's remorse. Literally, my credit card can't handle it!

But after previewing Jason Wu's adorable, flirty collection last October, I knew I had to go for it. With our fashion editor Christina Anderson and senior beauty editor Simone Kitchens in tow, I braved the crowds in hopes of a nerdy, white blouse with bow, citron sleeveless top and Ladurᅢᄅe macaroons. Minutes before we entered the Parisian-inspired space, I told the girls, "Don't let me spend more than $150." Christina shot me a "famous last words" look. And she was right. We immediately rushed past the treats into the smaller room where four large racks adorned with intent shoppers outlined a line that wrapped around the register twice. Possessed, I immediately started grabbing everything in sight. Size 2, pearl embellished, white dress? Check. XS, navy blue, floral frock with yellow belt? Check. Size 10 black number with tulle. You bet! I could alter it, right? Simone had to start pulling things out of my hands saying, "This isn't even your size!"

After 45 minutes, Christina and Simone were fatigued and decided to call it quits. I promised to buy Christina a blue skirt while champagne glasses shattered around us. I mean, how long could this line really be? Turns out, an hour from start to finish, and yet, again I had six items in my hand, none of which I planned on getting. Where were my blouses?! I too was growing weary and even Prince's "Raspberry Beret" couldn't lift my spirits. But then a glimmer of hope! As I reached the register, a sales associate came straight up to me and asked if I wanted this top. And you know what it was? The mustard shirt I had been eyeing since the fall. It was as if the heavens somehow shined down on me. Just me!

I somehow didn't mind that I ended up spending $274.93 (P.S. Christina, you owe me $29.99), only $124.93 more than intended, but there was no way I was staying for the special performance of Yelle. Even Jamie King looked exhausted fanning herself as I walked out the door, macaroon in hand. I jumped into a taxi and headed home relieved that I wasn't going to have to call my mom in Laredo, Texas and ask her to do this for me. Readers, trust me, if last night was any indication, Jason Wu is going to blow out of Targets faster than Missoni.

Check out the slideshow below of the A-listers in attendance and my fantastic purchases.