01/27/2012 01:05 pm ET Updated Jun 08, 2012

Penn State Scandal: Former Sandusky Charity Board Member, Lance Shaner, Sues For $250,000 Donation Back

A former board member of the Second Mile charity associated with Jerry Sandusky is now suing the organization.

Lance Shaner and his wife are suing the charity for $250,000, which they gave as a donation to the building of a recreation center that is not being constructed anymore, the Republic reports.

Shaner was told he would get the money back from the charity by its current director David Woodle, pending permission from the Attorney General. So when Woodle failed to follow up, Shaner took it to court, according to

"We will review the lawsuit and respond appropriately when we have done so, continuing to adhere to our legal responsibilities in the process," Eric Herman, spokesman for the Second Mile, said in a statement following the suit's filing, the news source reports. "Our primary focus remains helping the children of our communities; we’re evaluating the future of our programs so those kids can continue to benefit.”

The money was donated by Shaner in increments of $50,000 over five years, but in November the government held off on giving the charity a $3 million grant to begin building the recreation center to which Shaner was also contributing, Fox News reports.

But in December, Second Mile put the proposed building location, 60 acres, up for sale -- ending the debate of whether the recreation building would begin construction.

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