01/27/2012 02:26 pm ET Updated Jan 27, 2012

Pit Bull Killer At Large: 7 Dogs Dead In Houston

A dog killer has struck panic in the Mykawa district of Houston, where the community is mourning the loss of seven canines, six of them pit bulls.

All seven dogs -- six of them pit bulls -- were found dead in Houston on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend, according to CBS Houston. Three of the pits had been fatally shot, while the other four were found beaten and bludgeoned to death.

“We started finding an unusual number of dead dogs, all of them pit bulls,” Emily Crossley, founder of Backstreet Brutality & Relief, told CBS Houston. “Two were found on top of each other … another one was found shot in the head inside a crate.”

Crossley first suspected that the deaths were connected to dog-fighting rings in the area, but none of the corpses bore evidential scarring consistent with a pit bull bred for fighting.

Worse, one of the bullet-ridden pups was found just minutes after the killer struck, but there's no evidence pointing to a clear suspect. Backstreet workers discovered the dead animal inside a brand new dog crate pock-marked with bullet holes.

The killer didn't even give the dog a chance to run away, according to a blog post by relief workers.

Another pit, Ginger, had just given birth to a new litter of puppies before she was killed.

Workers said that they're at a loss for leads in the hunt for a mass dog murderer. CBS reported that cops believe the deaths are connected and that there is likely only one killer, but they have not named a suspect.