01/27/2012 08:33 pm ET

Giants Over Patriots, Jets Over Colts Among Most Improbable Super Bowl Upsets Of All Time (VIDEOS)

Leading up to Super Bowl XLVI, the most talked about game could end up being one that occurred a few years ago. After all, New York's unbelievable upset over the then-undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII remains indelibly etched into the memories of both fan bases and sports fans of varied allegiances. That Giants' triumph over the juggernaut Patriots will long be considered among the biggest upsets in NFL history and the iconic "helmet catch" made by Giants wide receiver David Tyree will probably be shown hundreds of times between the Pro Bowl and the Super Bowl. Blue-clad Giants fans will forever remember Michael Strahan inspiring his teammates on the sideline in the fourth quarter and Plaxico Burress eluding his defender quite easily before catching the game-winning touchdown.

Of course, certain friends, neighbors and family members of all those Giants fans will be sure to argue that the unlikeliest Super Bowl upset belongs to the other team in town. And, it'll be hard to argue that any party crashing underdog was taken more lightly before the game than Joe Namath and the New York Jets heading into Super Bowl III.

In what was the third AFL-NFL Championship game, the Colts were heavily favored to bring the title to the NFL for the third straight year. The previous two AFL champs had been absolutely dominated in the first two Super Bowls by the Green Bay Packers, putting the AFL's existence in jeopardy. Despite not having star quarterback John Unitas, the Colts dropped just one game all season. They avenged that lone loss in the NFL Championship game with a 34-0 blowout over Cleveland and entered the Super Bowl as 18-point favorites. And yet, Namath still guaranteed a win for his Jets. He made good on his word and New York pulled off the miraculous upset. One year later, the AFL and NFL merged to create one National Football League.

How does the first Giants-Patriots Super Bowl match up against that for shock and significance? From the Jets to the Giants, there have been several thrilling surprises throughout the history of the Super Bowl. Scroll down and vote on which was the most shocking and thrilling Super Bowl upset of all time.