01/27/2012 05:59 pm ET

Banker Burns Down Ex-Girlfriend's Parents' House After Getting Dumped

There's no shortage of press coverage when it comes to dating sociopaths in the financial industry.

Remember the investment manager who sent a creepy email that landed on reddit?

What about the insane investment banker who broke into his ex-girlfriend's apartment and pretended to be an Israeli secret agent?

Still, none of these quite top the most recent report of one banker in the U.K. who armed himself with a slew of weapons, including two crossbows and a rifle, and allegedly burned down his ex-girlfriend's parents house, reports the Mirror.

A Canadian citizen, 42-year-old Al Amin Dhalla allegedly began his four month terror campaign after Alison Hewitt, a 35-year old trainee doctor living in Brighton, ended their relationship in December of 2010, notes the Daily Mail.

The pair met through a dating agency and, after a few months, the pair moved in together in Hewitt's home.

But Hewitt's parents became suspicious of the man after he expressed wishes to quickly wed their daughter and later discovered a hidden criminal record, according to the Mirror.

Dhalla became agitated when the parents confronted him.

Since the breakup, Dhalla not only wrote threatening letters to Hewitt's co-workers, but hired a 24-hour private investigator to watch her, reports the Daily Mail.

Dhalla also allegedly tracked down Hewitt's parents on vacation while armed with weapons.

The final move that got him arrested? Posing as a doctor at Hewitt's hospital in order to find out her schedule.

"His criminal conduct started with petty thefts and criminal damage, continued through repeated harassment of his former partner and family and ultimately escalated into conduct on his part which endangered the lives of others, with plans for yet more sinister actions," Prosecutor Richard Barton told the court, according to the Mirror.

Dhalla denies all ten charges against him, including aggravated harassment, arson, being reckless as to endangering life and possession of an offensive weapon, reports the Argus.