01/28/2012 05:40 pm ET Updated Aug 04, 2013

Boxer Puppy And Cows Make Friends During Walk In Newcastle (VIDEO)

This boxer puppy was quick to make friends with some curious cows as he took a walk through a field.

In this video posted in 2010, the excited pup quickly submits to the herd of at least 10 cows vying to check who and what had come to pay them a visit.

According to The Telegraph, Lucy the dog is six months old in the video. "Filmed out on one of their favourite walking routes across Newcastle's Town Moor, Lucy's owner Simon Falconer is struggling to get to grips with his pet's new-found fame."

In another display of adorable cross-species affection this year, Faline the fawn and Boots the kitten were caught having a cuddle on camera.

This bevy of otters were also filmed having a pretty fun time with an unlucky butterfly that had made its way into the otters' enclosure. It was all in good fun though as the butterfly escaped unharmed.

Unlike the butterfly, the great white shark in this dog-shark encounter might not have been so lucky. Australian passers-by were shocked to see these two dogs playing in the shallows with some sharks. Onlookers were even more shocked when one of the dogs took a daring lunge at one of the sharks, scaring the pod back into deeper water.

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