01/28/2012 11:33 am ET

Taco Bell 'First Meal' And Other Fast Food Breakfast Offenders

Taco Bell released their "first meal" (read: breakfast) menu in 10 Western states this week, including California and Arizona. The menu includes three varieties of burritos, along with fried balls of cinnamon-flavored dough, stuffed with cream. While full information on the breakfast items isn't yet available (and they won't make their way across the country until 2013), it's an unexpected entry into the fast-growing convenience breakfast market. According to HuffPost Food:

Breakfast has become the most important meal of the day for restaurants, accounting for virtually all of the industry's growth in the past five years.

Obviously, Taco Bell wasn't going for healthy fare. But as many major chains bring more breakfast to their menus, it's a good idea to know exactly how you're starting the day. Many fast food breakfast menu items are presented as if they are nutritionally sound. But it's a good idea to take a closer look. Here are a few seemingly redeemable 'first meals' that deserve a skeptical eye:

Fast-Food Breakfast Offenders