01/29/2012 09:20 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

BlackVoices Preach!: God's Light

We all need guidance from time to time. This week, we explore the comfort found in to accepting God's light.

First up, Alisha Gordon discusses the necessity of God's light in our lives. She points out, "Light, in essence, makes things less scary. The light of God makes this life easier to navigate!"

Princeton Parker, then shares instructions for dreamers. Citing the Bible he calls on the story of Joseph to provide guidance, "In the book of Genesis, Joseph had a hard time as a dreamer. I believe that along with his relationship with God, Joseph kept some spiritual course instructions in his mind."

Last but not least, Reverend Flippin, shares his thoughts on the upcoming presidential election and asks, "Would Martin Luther vote for Obama?"

Sunday Sermon Preach 1/29