01/30/2012 05:31 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2012

'House Of Lies': Clyde Teaches Doug How To Seduce Women Like George Clooney (VIDEO)

When Marty was forced to bring Roscoe with him on the latest client trip, it should have been a week of bonding for the father-son pair on "House of Lies" (Sun.,10 p.m. EST on Showtime). Instead, Marty was so busy babysitting the ego of his twenty-year old software CEO that Roscoe was stuck hanging with "The Pod."

But while Marty was busy, the writers slowed things down and focused on character development for the first time outside of Marty. Clyde tried to show Doug how to think like George Clooney when seducing women, showing a genuine fondness for the goof. But whereas Clyde exuded confidence and swagger, Doug was so awkward the woman actually asked him to go away.

The biggest surprise of the night, though, was the reveal that Jeannie has a fiancee. Not only did she take her ring off before going on trips -- which could be rationalized as making good sales sense for a young and attractive woman -- but she hasn't even told the guys she's dating anyone.

Later, she slept with someone else and rationalized how it didn't constitute cheating. In her mind, what happens on these business trips has nothing to do with her real life back home. Does her fiancee feel the same way? It's certainly an interesting perspective, and while she may not agree with it personally, as Kristen Bell told HuffPost TV, it's her goal to believe everything her character does and why.

Marty was disappointed that he didn't get to spend any time with his son during the trip, but for Roscoe it was the best trip ever. Of course, as distracted and absentee as Marty is in Roscoe's life, when he is there he's very present and committed to his son. It's a stark improvement over the affection shown so far from Roscoe's mother.

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