01/30/2012 03:05 pm ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Human Skull Found By Teens in Hollywood's Oak Lake

Authorities have confirmed a skull found by two teens in Hollywood's Oak Lake on Saturday is human.

One of the teen's mothers had banned her son from swimming in Oak Lake, but the 16-year-old Boy Scout thought if he could clean it up, he might change her mind. That's when, she said, the boys discovered the skull.

"This lake is dangerous. It's toxic. I told them to stay out of the lake," mom Brandy Fischer told Channel 10. "My son, being the boy he is, wanted to clean out the lake, thinking he can have Mom (let him) swim in it now. No -- he brought this skull home, and we called the cops, and that was it. It was nasty."

Fischer also told CBS Miami the skull was in a clay vase when it was found: "They found a shopping cart and they removed the shopping cart. They went back searching around and they found a clay vase and brought it up and started dumping out the dirt and sticks and everything else and out rolled a skull."

Hollywood Police spokesman Lt. Diana Pereira said the department was working with forensic anthropologists to find out the race and sex of the remains. Based on the small size of the skull, there is speculation it may belong to a small child.

Police divers are canvasing the lake as part of the ongoing investigation.