01/30/2012 12:37 pm ET

Kimberly Miniea, Brothel Madam, Fighting For Custody Of Adopted Daughters

A Berkeley, Ill. woman convicted of running a brothel with her teenage daughter is embroiled in a custody battle over two girls she adopted in 2008--one of whom she reportedly "purchased" with money from her illegal operation.

Kimberly Miniea, 51, has been arrested several times on prostitution charges for operating a brothel service via online solicitations on websites like Craigslist. After Miniea's most recent arrest, following an undercover operation in that found her soliciting local women to work as prostitutes, Miniea's two young adopted daughters were taken from her and placed in foster care--for the second time, according to CBS Chicago.

A Chicago Sun-Times investigation published Monday alleges that court documents say Miniea paid a former prostitute and heroin addict to adopt at least one of the two girls. The report also alleges that retired Cook County Judge James M. Bailey, allegedly a former client and, according to Miniea, her boyfriend, helped advise her on the adoptions and pressured another judge to return the girls to her custody after a similar incident in June 2009.

Now, Miniea has been granted a hearing on her motion to regain custody, and testimony is set to be heard Feb. 29 by Juvenile Court Judge Richard, new to Miniea's case, who stripped her of guardianship last February, CBS reports.

Miniea's most notable arrest was in 2007, when police also charged her then-17-year-old daughter, Kim Peterson, with helping operate the escort service out of their home.