01/30/2012 02:01 am ET Updated Mar 30, 2012

'Shark Tank': Robert Herjavec Gets Emotional Talking About His Father During Invis-A-Rack Pitch (VIDEO)

While the trend in big business may be to send jobs overseas to reduce costs, there's at least one man who's standing up against it. On "Shark Tank" (Fri., 8 p.m. EST on ABC), an entrepreneur presented his idea for a foldable truck rack. The idea got the attention of the panel, but as they talked more about it, he revealed that the production costs are nearly prohibitive. And when the panel suggested moving production overseas, he shut down the idea completely.

On the surface, Donny McCall's Invis-A-Rack seems like a solid business idea. The collapsible rack attachment can quickly transform a pickup truck into a work truck and vice-versa. But it was McCall's passion for helping his hometown and refusal to consider moving any part of his company outside the United States that quickly turned off the panel.

Even appealing to Robert Herjavec, whose father was born in Croatia and immigrated to Canada, where he worked in a factory, didn't work. Herjavec got emotional talking about his father's difficult experiences fitting in, but it was that first job that he was the most proud of. Still, Herjavec was out because, "I just can't get involved with something where you're not taking care of the business."

The ideas keep coming as "Shark Tank" continues Fridays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

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