01/30/2012 12:48 pm ET

Sierra Nevada East: Brewery Plans To Open In Mills River, North Carolina

East Coasters rejoice! It might get even easier to get your hands on a pint of Sierra Nevada. The beer company is expanding its production by setting up shop on the East Coast -- in Mills River, North Carolina to be exact.

While the company has become a household name at this point, Sierra Nevada is in fact still a craft brewery. It brewed more than 800,000 barrels last year, but until Sierra Nevada reaches six million barrels, it gets to keep its "craft" title. The Mills River location will start with 300,000 barrels, according to a press release.

The Associated Press reports that the brewery is expected to employ about 90 people, with more working in an attached restaurant, with plans to open by early 2014. The brewery plans to invest $107.5 million in the Henderson County, North Carolina in the next five years.

"The beer culture, water quality and quality of life are excellent. We feel lucky to be a part of this community," says Sierra Nevada founder Ken Grossman.

Sierra Nevada's most popular beer is its pale ale, which is produced year-round. The company also produces over a dozen other beers, but many of them are seasonal or available in limited quantities.