01/31/2012 11:29 am ET Updated Feb 01, 2012

Dalisha Adams, Mom Arrested For Abandoning Daughters, Posted Champagne Pic On Facebook

The 26-year old mother who was arrested for abandoning her two young daughters on a Brooklyn street on Sunday uploaded a picture of someone holding a bottle of champagne just hours after the alleged incident.

Following the arrest, neighbors of the mother, Dalisha Adams, described the ongoing verbal abuse the children endured with one neighbor saying they heard Adams threaten her children on Sunday morning shouting, "Stop crying. Shut the f*ck up. I'm going to get you out of here."

Another neighbor said they would hear the mother scream, "'Shut the f*ck up! Get the f*ck out of here.' I heard her cuss out her little baby. I hope she doesn't get those kids back. It's not right."

Adams was charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a minor after an elderly couple found her two daughters, 5-year old Dominae and 3-year old Dioni, holding extra diapers and abandoned at a busy intersection in Canarsie on Sunday afternoon.

A witness said, "They were wandering up and down the sidewalk for a while, just playing by themselves. It's horrible. How could you leave your own children out there?"

Using records obtained by the Administration for Children's Services, investigators were able to track down Adams at 11:24PM.

The children showed no signs of physical abuse but were taken to Brookdale University Hospital for observation.

The grandmother of the two girls told The Daily News she was not aware of her daughter's plan and said, "I would have took them. All she had to do was call."

The intersection where the children were found: