01/31/2012 10:39 am ET Updated Jan 31, 2012

Joe Scarborough Skewers Mitt Romney's Vow To 'Never Go After Medicare' (VIDEO)

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Joe Scarborough blasted Mitt Romney for claiming that he would protect Medicare if elected president and that President Obama had cut $500 billion from the entitlement program. On Tuesday's "Morning Joe," the MSNBC host alleged that Romney was trying to scare senior citizens.

Scarborough was referring to a campaign event where Romney told senior citizens that he "will never go after Medicare or Social Security," and alleged that President Obama cut Medicare to fund "Obamacare." The tactic outraged Scarborough, who said that Medicare would bankrupt the country and called the GOP candidate's attempt to appeal to seniors "pathetic."

"That is the most shameful demagoguery that I have heard on the campaign trail yet this year," Scarborough said. "It is unspeakable, because this country is going bankrupt and Mitt Romney is trying to scare senior citizens." Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele nodded in agreement.

Contributor John Heilemann also pointed out that Romney is on record supporting Paul Ryan's health care reform plan, which makes cuts to Medicare. Watch the segment in the clip above.



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