01/31/2012 11:54 am ET

Marc Maron Tells Kimmel He Wants Celebrities To Leave His House After Interviews (VIDEO)

Marc Maron seems to have a pretty good life right now, with the success of his podcast "WTF" where the stand-up veteran interviews his comedy contemporaries. But the job does have one downside: Sometimes, his interview subjects won't leave his house after they finish, he told Jimmy Kimmel last night on his talk show.

"I don't quite to know what to do afterwards if someone's lingering," Maron jokingly told Kimmel. "Like I had Jon Hamm at my house, interviewing him in the garage, and then he wants to hang out afterwards and have coffee in my house. And in my mind I'm like, I'm not equal! This is Don Draper sitting on my deck, and I gotta sit here and act normal for ten minutes?"

Sometimes, Maron even felt odd about celebrities he knew a little better if he had things to do after his "WTF" interview. "Conan lingered for a long time, that was awkward."

Kimmel himself guested on "WTF" this week, although he didn't worry about overstaying his welcome -- the interview was held in Kimmel's office in Hollywood.