01/31/2012 01:45 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The Jazz Bakery Finds A New Home

The Jazz Bakery is back in business.

The famous Culver City establishment will set up shop in a new Frank Gehry-designed theater, on city-owned land given to the non-profit at no cost, reports the Culver City Times. Founder Ruth Price calls Gehry, "a rockstar architect -- who is giving us the use of his immeasurable services."

In 2009, the Jazz Bakery and creative space lost its lease at the Washington Boulevard Helms Building after 17 years, reports LA Observed. Since then, The Jazz Bakery has maintained its performances in what they call, "Moveable Feasts," or performances in different venues -- with the title paying tribute to Ernest Hemingway.

The Jazz Bakery will develop the property adjacent to the Kirk Douglas Theater according to plans submitted earlier this year at an estimated cost of $10 million. The Annenberg Foundation will fund $2 million and the rest will be procured through a capital campaign, reports the Culver City Times.

The Jazz Bakery will offer around 250 shows per year at $35 per ticket. For more information on Ruth Price, founder of The Jazz Bakery, watch the interview below.

Photo by Andy Sheng.