Air's 'Parade' Set To 'Excursion To The Moon' (VIDEO)

What better music to score a once-silent film than a band called Air? As we reported on Jan. 5, the French electronic/ambient duo wrote the music for the recently-restored 1902 Georges Melies' "Le Voyage Dans La Lune" ("A Trip To The Moon").

Since the repremier of the film at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in May and their announcement of a CD release in November, the group has been slowly leaking clips from the film they scored. They waited until December to release a sneak peak of the album with "Seven Stars" featuring Victoria Legrand from Beach House, and in early January they released "Sonic Armada," complete with the coordinating film clip.

While maintaining the cosmos-theme, Air deviated slightly with the recent release of "Parade." Instead of "Le Voyage Dans La Lune," the band sets their shoe-gazing, occasionally synth-pop sounds to Segundo de Chomon's 1908 interpretation of Melies' film, "Excursion To The Moon."

Watch "Parade" below: